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FROG : 5” submersible monoblock electropumps

FROG is PM Technology 5’’ monoblock electro-pump, popular product for irrigation purpose, water movement and collection from/to tanks and 6’’ wells installations.

At PM, we focused to design and produce a monoblock pump with specific technical advantages compared to models in the market. Let’s take a look at few of them:

1. Power Cable and Float Switch are connected through a plug in and plug out system in order to:

  • guarantee a perfect sealing thanks to no direct connection with the internal side of the electro pump.

  • give the option of using/selling the electro pump with or without float switch just connecting or disconnecting it.

  • reduce stock because electro pump can be bought with or without float switch.

  • allow a fast and safe maintenance cause superior pump side can be completely removed.

2. External sleeve made of 304 L (low carbon) stainless steel. Low carbon quantity stainless steel guarantees an higher resistance to corrosion and rust problems even along the welding line.

3. B-class capacitor ensures long-lasting features (three times a standard capacitor, C-class).

4. Superior side of “pump head” is covered with a silicon layer that avoids any water infiltration.

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