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PM S.r.l. was established in 2008 to then quickly become one of the leading Italian and international companies operating in the production of submersible motors.
Our strengths are based on over 30 years of experience of the founding partner applied to the most modern technologies and an in-depth knowledge of international markets. 
As a result PM has managed to establish itself as a modern, dynamic company focusing on continuous improvement. Each PM product is the expression of careful and enthusiastic work based on research and design with exclusive attention to performance, quality of the materials used and highest competitiveness possible. The result is an extremely reliable and efficient product range in which every detail is carefully researched, all distinguishing features of Made in Italy excellence. These key elements which embody profound love for an art passed down from father to son currently guide PM S.r.l.


PM is committed to offering high quality and reliable products at a competitive price, while meeting the needs of its customers with meticulous and punctual service.

Substantial annual investments in product, production process and machinery innovation go with our daily activity to make our products ever more competitive and efficient.



PM S.r.l. is used to work to make PM Technology brand the perfect Partner for its Customers, both Distributors and OEM, through the supply of high quality, reliable and competitive products by ensuring a high standard of service.

To achieve this goal, all the company is constantly improving to pursue the highest possible level of quality.



Drinking water - Low Lead Content

(Attestation De

Conformité Sanitaire)




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