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General Sales Conditions


1. Orders - Orders are considered definitive and binding only if expressly confirmed in writing by PM S.r.l., and further confirmed by the Customer if Supplier makes changes to the order received.

2. Price - The price of supply refers to price list in effect at the time the order is sent, or the price agreed by the parties and printed in the order confirmation. Unless otherwise stated, the price of the supply is understood to be for goods packaged according to sector uses with reference to the agreed means of transport. It’s also understood that further expenses or charges for special requests will be at the expense of the Customer.

3. Transport of goods - If a sale has been agreed by carrier, regardless the part designating the carrier, risks move to the Customer with the delivery of the goods to the first Carrier: any claims for damages, deterioration, tampering or lacks must always be reported to the Carrier in accordance with the law deadlines and providing, however, appropriate knowledge to PM S.r.l..

4. Terms of delivery - Unless otherwise agreed, delivery terms printed in the order are purely indicative and not essential; any delays in delivery for:
- reasons due to force majeure
- delays in raw materials supply
- any changes in the order due to requests during production
- defaulting Customer in payments
relieve Supplier from compliance with the agreed terms and can not give the right to any kind of reimbursement and/or compensation.

5. Payments - Payments must be made exclusively to the Supplier according to the terms agreed or printed in the order.
It is understood that any complaints or disputes don’t entitle the Customer in any case to suspend or delay payments of the products in question or, not even, of other supplies. More generally, no action or exception can be carried out or opposed by the Customer until the full payment of the products for which this complaint or exception is intended to be carried out.
The Customer is not authorized to make any deductions from the agreed price (for example, in case of supposed product defects), unless previously agreed in writing with the Supplier.
In case of delayed payment at the agreed deadlines, default interests will be debited to the Client on the basis of the established rates by law.

6. Product warranty - Products are guaranteed by the Supplier for design, material and processing defects, for a period of 24 months starting from the date printed on product label.
Please remind that products must be installed by qualified technical employees, therefore damages due to installations with wrong electrical connections, missed adequate protection, faulty assembly as well as damages caused by installations carried out in locations not complying with the specifications communicated by the Supplier, corrosion and/or abrasion due to pumped liquid, overloads beyond plate limits and causes of force majeure in general are not covered by warranty. The warranty is void if Customer is defaulting in payments, if unauthorized third parties have tampered with product or made action on it, if damages is communicated beyond the deadlines specified in the following point.

7. Complaints - Products purchased must be verified and checked upon arrival about their compliance with the order. Any discrepancies, regarding the quantity, kind or type of products supplied and any complaints concerning the external characteristics of the products, must always be reported in writing, within a maximum of 8 days from receipt, mentioning all the details for an immediate control. After this deadline, products will be considered accepted; in addition, the possibility of claims or complaints regarding defects or damaged is totally excluded in case of use and/or installation of products with obvious defects.
Defects or faults of the products, not assertable even if a diligent external verification have been carried out, must be reported in writing to the Supplier, under penalty of forfeiture, within 8 days after discovery, and in any case not later than the warranty term above . Any complaint must accurately specify the defect found; products object of the complaints have always to be available of the Supplier for their verification.
Protests will not entail in the resolution of the single order, but rather, at Supplier discretion, the reparation or free replacement of the faulty products, unless other decision due to objective reasons of impossibility to implement one of the above remedies. Except for fraud or gross negligence, the foregoing excludes any other responsibility of the Supplier that can be originated from supplied products or their resale. In particular, reimbursement and/or compensation for damages, direct or indirect, of any nature deriving from the non-use or limited use of products can not be claimed.
Any protest regarding a single delivery do not relieve the Customer from the duty to collect the outstanding quantity of products of that order, or from other orders different than one in question.

8. Returned goods - Supplier does not accept returns of goods unless previously authorized in writing by Supplier himself. However, returns must be intact (not disassembled), packed (in the original packaging if possibly) and shipped with goods return note, at all Customer charges and risks.

9. Suspension or cancellation of orders - If the Customer, in whole or in part, does not comply with one of the general conditions agreed for the supply, as well as in case of difficulty in payments, if guarantees of solvency, or more in general its economic capacity, fails or decreases, Supplier has the right to suspend or cancel underway orders, or to subordinate delivery of products to adequate guarantees of payment.

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